Laugh’s are on me – this just happened

Door Knob with Lock USA

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Today, 2:30 PM North Texas on July 12th

I’m dressed for comfort: t-shirt, swim trunks & barefoot.

Dog wants to frolic. I step out with her.
Got my iPhone & Kindle w/ a cold, icy drink. Im basking in my natural sauna taking it easy.

Only 98 degrees out.

Time to cool off.
I reach for the door knob, yikes!
Locked out no key – not good.

How it happened.
We had just changed the locks. Wife’s been saying the new locks have a problem. I said, I always carry a key.

Here’s what’s different. This door knob opens from the inside even when locked. I knew that but this
impromptu event set me up for failure.

Saved by my iPhone.
Called daughter who bailed me out. Cool and comfy again just minutes later. Wearing a key from now on.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this true story.


July 12, 2011 · 3:03 pm

2 responses to “Laugh’s are on me – this just happened

  1. Wow! Thanks for the laugh. We had a similar problem at our house with the knobs that open from the inside like that. My wife locked herself out about 15 times our first year. Now she averages about once every two months. It’s easy to forget when the knob turns.

    • It was bound to happen eventually. Now I have an extra key around my neck.
      In case you are wondering, I’m not singing an old Elvis song.
      There’s a key on a chain hanging from my neck.
      It turned out alright so I’m having fun wit it.

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