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My Three Forks Blog – Battle of Village Creek recaps events that lead to anglo settlement in what is now the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Let me know if you find it interesting.

Rich Weatherly - Author

In the middle of the nineteenth century my ancestor Isaac ‘Ike’ Story traveled to north Texas with other families from southern Illinois. Republic of Texas volunteers made early settlement possible through heroic acts at the Battle of Village Creek and the peace that followed soon after.

A mail route served the pre-Civil War community of Gorbet just north of Twin Wells. It connected Estelle in Dallas County to Bedford and Birdville in Tarrant County. That old mail route stretched across the Three Forks Region of Texas. These pioneer settlements are landmarks on maps to this day. Ike Story renamed Gorbet, Kit. He opened a general store and post office there. Our heritage goes back to those times and places. Pioneer families lived by faith in God and hope for the future. We do well when we follow their example.

Northwest Dallas County map

Battle of Village Creek by Republic of Texas Volunteers

Prior to…

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