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Laugh’s are on me – this just happened

Door Knob with Lock USA

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Today, 2:30 PM North Texas on July 12th

I’m dressed for comfort: t-shirt, swim trunks & barefoot.

Dog wants to frolic. I step out with her.
Got my iPhone & Kindle w/ a cold, icy drink. Im basking in my natural sauna taking it easy.

Only 98 degrees out.

Time to cool off.
I reach for the door knob, yikes!
Locked out no key – not good.

How it happened.
We had just changed the locks. Wife’s been saying the new locks have a problem. I said, I always carry a key.

Here’s what’s different. This door knob opens from the inside even when locked. I knew that but this
impromptu event set me up for failure.

Saved by my iPhone.
Called daughter who bailed me out. Cool and comfy again just minutes later. Wearing a key from now on.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this true story.


July 12, 2011 · 3:03 pm