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Springtime in Texas

Springtime in Texas
Simple musings from a dreamer on a lovely spring day.

North Texas 2012

original photos by Rich Weatherly

Winter rains closed cracks and fissures
Left by summer’s drought.
Carpets of bluebonnets cover pastures-
Texas State Flower reigns supreme.
White petalled blossoms burst forth–
Wild plum and Bradford pear promises.
Waiting in expectation
for Summer’s sweet rewards.
Fragrance in the air,
Breathtaking colors stir the soul,
Buds bursting from tips of last year’s growth,
Promising canopies of lush, green splendor.
Dusk settles on green pastures, golden blaze in western sky.
Fillies frolic. Mares match their moves;
Romping, playfully laughing, whinny and neigh.
They gallop and spin, leap and kick – ready as a mighty stallion struts his stuff.
The rider watches and listens,
Awed by joy and beauty.
Simple thrills of precious life.
Hoof beats stir primal feelings – longing.
One more day with which to behold,
Blessings of creation,
We think and reflect,
On the wonder before us, our life to renew.
Rich Weatherly,
March 16, 2012


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