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Reblog: August 20th Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting

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Denton Poets’ Assembly meets again on August 20th at the Emily Fowler Public Library from 10 a.m. – noon. We welcome members returning from summer vacation. As always, visitors and guests are welcome.

We have a change from our usual poetry assignments process. This month, members have two assignments. J. Paul Holcomb has returned and will be comparing non-rhyming poems from his, “Strawberry Soup” assignment which we will read. In addition, we will read sonnets derived from the that non-rhyming poem.

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Reblog: April 15th – Merging Visions Reception


Every April, the Denton Poets’ Assembly teams up with artists from the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST) in a collaborative exhibit called Merging Visions in celebration of National Poetry Month.

The showing is free and open to the public. The Merging Visions reception will be held on April 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. to celebrate the exhibit’s opening.    All poems and artwork are originals created by members of the two groups. Some of the poems are created with the artwork as inspiration, and some are inspirations for the artwork.

Location Information

The 9th annual Merging Visions Exhibit will held at the Patterson Appleton Arts Center, 400 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201.

The exhibit will be free and open to the public during regular art center hours, Tuesday-Friday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday 1:00 – 5:00. The opening reception — also free and open to the public — will be held on April 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.


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November 21st – Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting

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 Denton Poets’ Assembly welcomes members and guests to our November 21st meeting of at the Emily Fowler Central Library from 10:00 a.m. until noon.

After a short discussion covering chapter business, members will read Pantoum poems from J. Paul Holcomb’s October lesson.

J. Paul will present his November lesson on the Rondel form.

Members and guests will have the opportunity to read free Choice poems after the lesson.

In DPA News

2010 Texas Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton presented a poetry reading and book signing, October 22nd at the Joyce Thompson Lecture Hall, TWU Library. DPA members were invited.

On Friday, October 30th Bob Schinzel and Richard Weatherly read seasonal poetry at the Good Samaritan Village in South Denton.

On November 21st Patrick Marshall and possibly other DPA members will attend the Marine Creek Creative Writing Conference on the Tarrant County College NW Campus. The keynote speaker for the conference will be Nathan Brown.

Kitchen Sync
Monday 23th, 7:30 – 9:30
Where The Whitehouse Espresso Bar and Beer Garden
Description Kitchen Sync Open Mic sign up starts at 7:15pm. Every fourth Monday at 424 Bryan Street in Denton, Texas. For more info email


Denton Poets’ Assembly meets on the third Saturday of the month, 10AM – Noon at the Emily Fowler Central Library, 502 Oakland Street, Denton, TX 76201. Meetings are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. For more information, visit

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Announcing the May 16th Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting

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Poem: Galileo Galilei, a Defense of Heliocentricism

Dear Reader, this is the first time I’ve personally posted my new award winning poem It placed 1st in the Poetry Society of Texas Performance Poetry Annual Competition. Credits follow the poem. The poem is written in the form of a Dramatic Monologue.

Galileo Galilei, a Defense of Heliocentricism

Thank you my dear friend Ferdinando for the honor of your presence.  To think that only seven of the ten cardinals of the inquisition voted for conviction of near heresy with threats of torture, puzzles me. I know, it could have been much worse, this house arrest brings such a burden of loneliness. I miss my daughter Marie Celeste. Her encouraging letters bring me more comfort than you can know. My mission is to make God’s design of the cosmos known to all men. Would that my oppressors could see Jupiter’s moons move in such synchronicity. If only they could see how mathematics predict the future positions of those orbs. Instead, they placed my work on the  Index of Forbidden Books, and argue that my work violates scripture. I say not so! My theology agrees with Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. One cannot take all scripture to be literal. My work is built on those who came before. Men like Aristarchus almost nine hundred years ago. And recently Copernicus and Kepler have added to the body of work on heliocentricism. You must tell no one of what I shall tell you next. A friend has asked me to share my, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. One day it will be my witness and a force for good my friend. No sir, I cannot publish it now. One day my friend, I will be exonerated. For now, I dare not risk being permanently separated from my darling, Marie Celeste. Her gentle spirit and kindness has given me a reason to live. May my detractor’s eyes one day be opened. Soli Deo Gloria.

Previously published in the Poetry Society of Texas Book of the Year 2015

© 2014 Richard L Weatherly


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Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting Announcement & Chapter News

DPA logo ProcessBlueDenton Poets’ Assembly will meet again 10 a.m. – Noon on June 21st at the Emily Fowler Public Library in Denton, Texas. Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring a favorite poem to read. Members will be reading a Stretched Sonnet based on J. Paul Holcomb’s lesson on the subject last month.
Members and guests will be given an opportunity to read a free choice poem.
We look forward to J. Paul Holcomb’s poetry lesson this month. Members will vote on DPA chapter officers for the year 2014-2015.
Lucinda Breeding, Features Editor for The Denton Record Chronicle recognized three DPA poets and their pairings in the days and weeks that followed the reception…
For additional information about the event, click here.

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Special Announcement: Poetry Society of Texas Anthology

A TX Garden of Verses Cover

Purchase link from Denton Poets’ Assembly webpage.

Reblogged from the Denton Poets’ Assembly website.

Poets and lovers of poetry,  
I’m honored to announce the publication of A Texas Garden of Verses: An Anthology,
an e-book celebrating poems and poets from  the 2013 PST Summer Conference. It is the product of contributions DPA made to the conference. Eight DPA members are in this anthology; Karona Drummond, J Paul Holcomb, Beth Honeycutt, Chris Irving, Angie Kimmell, Annie Neugebauer, Jan Spence and Jervis Underwood. Chris Irving also helped edit the e-book along with the summer conference committee.

For the complete article with purchase information, click Denton Poets’ Assembly webpage.

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