May 17th Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting Announcement and Chapter News

DPA logo ProcessBlueDenton Poets’ Assembly will meet again 10a.m – Noon on May 17th at the Emily Fowler Public Library in Denton, Texas. Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring a favorite poem to read.

Denton Poets’ Assembly last met on Saturday April 19. During the meeting, members read a Cinquain poem based on our March lesson. J. Paul Holcolmb presented a lesson on the sonnet. He will present a lesson on the “Stretched Sonnet” this Saturday.

Quoting J. Paul, I wanted to do it this month because Roberta Bowman came up with the innovation and her funeral was last week. This will be remembering her in a literary way. Also, it will follow the lesson on sonnets so folks should have something to stretch.

Members and guests also read free choice poems in April.

Continued: For the complete post, click here.

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