Ariadne’s Child

I encourage you to visit the Redwater Ramblings blog. I admire this award winning poet’s work and encourage you to read her poems.

Redwater Ramblings

Where the birch meets water,
lost in the mouths of lilied frogs
beyond and involved, evolved with the foxgloves,
purple of the edible pansy blooms;
the breadth of a bee sting, slowsoft in butter colour
as it spreads;
take care and be well
whisper down to the lambkid, she says:

down there, bygone by buttress and marigolds,
swiftsure and buried in the browns of soil,
out there, take the tail of a queen and walk forever,
downward where a willow meets pine.

© Eve Redwater 2012

[This photograph was taken on a lovely sunny day a couple of weeks ago in my local park. A day or so later, it snowed!]

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2 responses to “Ariadne’s Child

  1. worldsbeforethedoor

    Thanks for sharing! What an amazing writer! I followed right away!

  2. You’re welcome Abby! I’m confident she will show her gratitude. Please mention how you found her site.

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