I’m a huge fan of Ansel Adams. You’ve got to check out this incredible post.


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  1. I belive you have that creative spirit Ansel Adams is reffering too. Again thank you!

    • Wow, Doris! What an amazing compliment 🙂 I learned from Ansel Adams that photography is more about understanding light than it is about lenses, film and equipment.

      • Rich you are amazing creative soul ;). So true, sometimes we focus too much on equipment, Ansel Adams did not have the equipment we have now, but achieve greatness, by understanding light. Thank you for twitter mentions and the reblog Rich!

    • I’m honored to be a small part of the creative community here. Doris, your blog personifies art appreciation and creativity.

  2. Beautiful photos. Rich I think you have the eye too!

  3. Thanks again Eve, Doris and Sandy for your generous and heartwarming words of encouragement. You have my most sincere gratitude.

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