Closed Doors, A Trilogy

Rich Weatherly’s new book, Closed Doors is Live on as of July 24, 2012

Quote by Editor, Erin Potter

Wonderful story! Like the others, well written with well chosen words and description that leaps off the page. I felt involved in the stories and wanted more.

Quote from friend, author and blogger, Sandy Coelho

Reader’s will be treated to a vivid compelling story with Toxic Situations. Your writing is engaging; it launches the reader into the story and takes them on a fast-paced thrill ride. I think anyone searching for absorbing, lyrical prose will love this collection.

Closed Doors opens with a novella, Toxic Situations. A break-in at an Atlanta, Georgia laboratory results in the theft of avian flu virus capsules by organized crime figures and an investigation by the CDC.

CDC investigators pursue suspects on a trail from Atlanta to Sydney, Australia. Protagonists for for the novella and short stories are named Craig. Craig Jr. is featured in the novella, Toxic Situations. This story was inspired by a paper written by Dr. JJBrown. Dr. Brown has specialized in viral oncology.

Toxic Situations is followed by two short story prequels: Family Secrets and Thrills at the Esplanade Cinema. These short stories are set in north Texas.

Each story has ties to the Craig Wells family.

Here’s a final quote from Belinda Witzenhausen
Freelance Writer, Editor, Artist, Consultant and Creativity Coach

“After reading Rich Weatherly’s “Closed Doors: A Trilogy”, I am convinced that he is an extremely talented writer who has some fascinating stories to tell. His ability to craft interesting characters and intrigue you with compelling plots while maintaining such a high standard of writing throughout, is brilliant and the mark of a true storyteller.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read his future work; he definitely has a fan in me.”

Rich Weatherly’s Independent Author Network Page

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18 responses to “Closed Doors, A Trilogy

  1. Great stories! Grab your story for a fantastic summer read.

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for your endorsement!
    Appreciate it 🙂

  3. Wow! Congratulations Rich!

  4. Congratulations Rich, so pleased for you! 🙂

  5. This is great news Rich, after all the hard work you’ve put in. I hope it does really well for you.

  6. Congratulations!!! So excited for you. You deserve it! Can’t wait to read it.

    • I can’t thank you enough, Lana!
      I’ll let everyone know as soon as it goes live.
      So far, it has been well received by those who have read it :-0

      Love your enthusiasm!

  7. A bit late on the comment, but my server was not working ;(. Congratulations are in order Rich, I want to read it, tell me where I can get it. Happy for you!

    • Thank you, Doris.
      Closed Doors should be available as a Kindle book on Amazon in about two weeks.
      Other book formats will be posted on Smashwords for broader distribution a short time later.

      I’ll gauge interest before committing to printed books. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
      Expect post updates and links on this, My Writing page, as it becomes available 🙂

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