Book Review – Overload

by Thomas Drinkard

The gripping suspense-thriller, Overload opens on a scene all to familiar to American citizen’s these days. A vile religious extremist and his band of protestors are shouting derisive slurs and working themselves into a frenzy. He and his fanatical followers have the gall to protest at graveside services for a fallen soldier. During this protest, a sniper’s bullet takes out this fanatic.

Book Description

Terrorists are coming into the United States across the Southern Borders. They’re being assisted by the drug cartels and others. When the fanatics begin suicide bombings in shopping malls, one man forges the clues into links that form an escalating chain of terror. 

The enigmatic Frost, a former Special Operations soldier, knows that soon, Americans will be confronted by a weapon of mass destruction—aimed at its heartland business and trading center—Chicago. 

Only he and his team stand between the terrorists and the death of thousands.

Kingpins from drug cartels, human traffickers and middle-eastern terrorists conspire to bribe state troopers and law enforcement officers from Arizona to Florida. State troopers attempt to charge a combat veteran with the murder of the religious fanatic. This sets a series of events in motion that will propel this story into a fast paced, realist thriller.

A small group of former special ops soldiers unite to defend the accused, investigate the allegations and correct this injustice. These combat veterans owe their lives to one another. This is a bond that draws them together. Their leader, a man who calls himself Frost, has a quiet unassuming demeanor. This behavior belies a will and determination to get the job done. Frost’s girlfriend uses her skills as a computer hacker to develop links between the suspects. Frost makes the connections and the race is on to stop a terrorist attack.

I liked the protagonists. These are people you would like to have on your side if threatened.
The antagonists are a bad as they come. Religious extremists who are not who they seem to be; drug lords who kill at the drop of the hat, double-dealing troopers and middle-eastern terrorist cutthroats.

Overload will have you flying through the pages. Expect twists, turns and plenty of surprises. This is a well crafted thriller that deserves your attention if you are a fan of suspense-thrillers.

Author site Pinnacle Writing
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Author Thomas Drinkard Bio

BioThomas Rowe Drinkard was born and reared in the Deep South–Alabama.

He graduated from the University of North Alabama with a degree in English. At graduation, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and went on active duty eight days later.

Within two years, he volunteered and was accepted into the Special Forces (Green Berets). After Airborne and Special Forces school, he’d found a home. With a few other assignments in between, he spent ten years with the fabled unit. He was unhappy with the Army’s plans for his future and left active duty, joining the reserves. He is now a Major, retired reserve.

After the Army, he found his way into teaching and writing in the securities licensing preparation business. His textbooks, articles and CE courses are in use today.

His poetry can be found in a number of literary magazines, including Negative Capability, Cotton Boll/Atlanta review and a several others.



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  1. This book sounds similar but not exactly like our book. I have put it on my Amazon Wish list. Thanks for sharing about it Rich.

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