Reblog: Q and A with Indie Author Rich Weatherly ~ The Sequel

Interview by Belinda Witzenhausen with Rich Weatherly2592288IAN1imagePic

Back in August 2012, I was fortunate enough to have a Q & A with Indie author, Rich Weatherly after he released his début novella ~ “Closed Doors, A Trilogy”. Rich is an extremely talented writer who has an amazing ability to create interesting characters and craft compelling plots, while maintaining a high standard of writing which is in my opinion, the mark of a true storyteller. I always enjoy chatting with Rich, as he is always such an inspiring and interesting person. I  recently spoke with Rich about his experience with Indie Publishing and asked if he would mind doing a quick follow-up to share his thoughts on the process, and, being the generous person that he is, he agreed. :)

Belinda, thank you for asking me back to talk about my writing and publishing projects. It has been an amazing  journey. I appreciate the opportunity to give you this update.

It’s been a while since we did our first interview. Closed Doors, A Trilogy has been out for a while and at one point was an Amazon bestseller ~ Congratulations! Tell us a little about the journey so far, was it all that you expected?

Click here to continue with the interview on Belinda Witzenhausen’s site.

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