Tribute to a WWII Hero and Retired Teacher

post by Rich Weatherly from a  Cleburne Times-Review special article by Pete Kendall.


Rich Weatherly with Herbert Lubke – Winner of 2 Purple Heart and 2 Bronze Star Medals taken March 23, 2013 in Grandview, Texas.

In the late 1950s and early ’60s, I had the privilege of studying agriculture (AG) under Herb Lubke. After receiving a link to this article I felt compelled to share his amazing story with my readers, many of whom are combat veterans. While teaching us ag, he shared stories about his service in Europe during WWII, much of which is included here. He is one of those iconic figures that students learn to respect instantly and grow to admire while he molds their lives.

I urge you to read the full article.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview by Pete Kendall.

“I learned to sleep with one eye open,” the Army sniper said with a grin.

From an interview and report By Pete Kendall/Special to the Cleburne Times-Review

Lubke was a member of the 99th Infantry Division and served as head scout for a platoon behind enemy lines. He was liberated by Gen. George S. Patton on April 1, 1945.

“He exited hostilities a bona fide hero with two purple hearts, two bronze stars, a 100 percent physical disability rating and frostbite. He went from 160 pounds to 100 as a prisoner of war. Today, he walks with the aid of a cane and Oleta, his wife of more than 65 years.”

Herb Lubke has an amazing story to tell. Please click this link to read the entire article by Pete Kendall.


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2 responses to “Tribute to a WWII Hero and Retired Teacher

  1. Thanks, Rich, for sharing this heart-warming story and the article — the world needs more Herb Lubkes.

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