Tribute to Veterans Day 2013

By Rich Weatherly

On November 11, 2013 we will once again celebrate Veterans Day. The tradition began with the Treaty 13poster_lowresSmlof Versailles when the Allies and Germany ceased hostilities on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November, 1918.

It was originally called Armistice Day. On January 1, 1954 President Eisenhower signed into law a declaration renaming it Veterans Day in honor of veterans of all wars.

In the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, they call the holiday Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day continues to be celebrated with Poppies in honor of a Canadian poem, “In Flanders Field,” where many poppies bloomed.


Why not take this opportunity to show your appreciation to those serving now and who are currently serving. Both of you will be glad you did.


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6 responses to “Tribute to Veterans Day 2013

  1. Angie Mc

    Hi Rich! It has been some time since we’ve connected on Twitter or via blogs. Thought I’d drop by to say hi and enjoyed this post. I will share the history of the poppy with my sons. I would be happy to see you at my new-ish little blog Thanks for your consideration & a lovely Sunday to you & yours.

    • Hi Angie and thank you for following my blog and commenting. Glad you’re sharing the poppy tradition. When I was a child, poppies continued to be distributed in honor of Armistice Day. I think it and the poem, “In Flanders Field,” continue to serve as poignant reminders of the immense sacrifices made to protect our freedoms. I’ll follow your blog. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Sunday as well.

      • Angie Mc

        You really are something special, Rich. I appreciate the content your create on your blog, how well you write, how generous you are on social media, and how you engage across platforms. Thank you really doesn’t quite capture my gratitude and admiration, but I’ll start there 🙂

      • Thanks again, Angie.
        Feel free to comment anytime you like. 😉

      • Angie Mc

        Will do! For the next 6 months I’m committed to getting better at contributing to the blogging community, in both content and interaction. Root for me, will you, Rich? I need all the help I can get! Happy weekend to you 🙂

      • Best wishes on working through your contributions in the immediate future. I will be pulling for you, Angie! 😉

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