Remembering the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th, 1941

In recent years I have recounted the attack on Pearl Harbor based on accounts of the events shared by my dad, Andrew C. Weatherly Jr. He gave a first hand account of experiences that day while aboard U.S.S. Raleigh CL-7. Raleigh and its crew survived one of the first torpedo hits that day and took an armor piercing bomb about an hour later.

This year I would like you to read about the attack as presented by the American Legion an organization I am a member of.


The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed the U.S. Pacific Fleet, or so many Americans believe. But six months later, that “crippled” fleet defeated a massive Japanese task force at Midway.

Ninety-six ships were in the Navy yard at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Of these, the Japanese sank or damaged only 18, and 11 were back in service within a year.

The attacking Japanese fleet, led by Vice Adm. Chūichi Nagumo, had six aircraft carriers and two battleships, plus cruisers, destroyers and support ships. It arrived 275 miles northwest of Oahu, and at 6 a.m. launched the first attack wave of 183 aircraft; this was followed by a second wave of 168 planes. The first wave arrived over Pearl Harbor at 7:55 a.m., and the attack continued until 9:45 a.m.

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USS Arizona Wreckage Library of Congress Photo

Link to complete article from the American Legion.

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Previous posts that I shared in the past on the Pearl Harbor Attack and one by Patty Wiseman. Patty and I share a unique bond, both of our dads were aboard U.S.S. Raliegh CL-7, a light cruiser attacked on that infamous day in 1941.

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6 responses to “Remembering the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th, 1941

  1. You know how much Pearl Harbor means to me, RIchard. Thanks for this account. We share a common bond! Patty

  2. ~ Thank you for #Remembering and refreshing our memories of those who lived through it and/or those we lost, Rich.

    Charlotte M. Liebel

  3. Thanks, Rich… Truly ‘a day that will live in infamy’, and I pray the event and the dear lives lost will never be forgotten. All my best wishes.

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