A Review: SITTING ON THE HAG SEAT A Celtic Knot of Poems

by Christine Irving

by Christine Irving

Paperback cover of SITTING ON THE HAG SEAT A Celtic Knot of Poems

Book Description

A collection of poems depicting an ardent connection with physical, historical and mystical Ireland. Blood feuds, cattle raids, cows, crows, and fearsome goddesses flow through the pages forming themselves into a Celtic lovers’ knot of poetry symbolizing the numinous union of past and present, Above and Below.


Poet and award winning author Christine Irving felt compelled to write about intangible sensations, feelings and observations, about the sights, sounds and the ever-present legacy and heritage of the Emerald Isle, of Ireland.

Readers can expect a journey through vivid descriptions of the land, sea and sky as well as sights and sounds produced by humans, flora and fauna. Experience Ireland through the words of a lover of this land and a gifted poet. Learn how ancient Celts developed the Ogham alphabet based on rituals and appreciation for mighty trees that form much of the folklore of the land.

Join Christine on her personal journey through this mystical land via the language of poetry. Look for a source of inspiration into Celtic music, its toe tapping rhythms and harmonies.  Reflect on the troubles, the tenacity and resilience of the hearty people many of whom chose to immigrate to America.

These are my personal observations based on Christine’s talented work but to fully appreciate her work I encourage you to purchase your copy of.


A Celtic Knot of Poems

by Christine Irving


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