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Meeting Announcement — Denton Poets’ Assembly

Denton Poets’ Assembly will meet at 10am on February 16th, 2013 in the Emily DPA logo ProcessBlueFowler Central Library: 502 Oakland Street, Denton, Texas. Visitors are welcome!

DFW and North Texas poets and lovers of poetry are invited to join the Denton Poets’ Assembly for our February meeting. During the meeting, members will read blank verse poem assignments and poems of their choice in any form. J. Paul Holcomb will present a lesson on writing a dramatic monologue.

Blogger and DPA member Annie Neugebauer presented a lesson on how to create a personal website in WordPress. This a great way for poets to share their selected works with the public and poets everywhere!

J. Paul Holcomb has been invited to be a featured poet at the 21st annual Austin International Poetry Festival,  April 18 to April 21, 2013 in Austin, Texas. The festival features readings, workshops, open mikes, poetry slams, and a poetry symposium in various venues throughout Austin.

Final preparations are underway for the  2013 “Merging Visions” collaborative show with VAST. These Exhibits will be set up for display at 3 Denton public libraries starting March 28th, 2013.

Denton Poets’ Assembly meets on the third Saturday of the month, 10AM – Noon at the Emily Fowler Central Library, 502 Oakland Street, Denton, TX 76201. Free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. For more information, visit www.DentonPoetsAssembly.weebly.com.

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Spoken Words—a Poem

 I recently posted a poem, “Silent Words.” I think it is fitting the two poems be posted together. “Silent Words,” follows this new entry. It is abstract and leaves much to personal interpretation.

This poem, “Spoken Words,”  is more about how our words, the words of loved ones, friends and even an enemy can influence and shape our lives. My wish is that you take away something positive from it. The first two verses represent emotions imparted by my parents who you now see below.

Early 1940s

Just Married

Mother’s words calm a worried child,

Words of hope and joy outlast the latest toy.

These words are like waters,

Flowing from a mountain stream;

Where child can hope and child can dream.

A whisper, a laugh, a tease or a cheer,

Moments remembered, so cherished – so dear.


When doubts bring fear of monsters out there

Reassuring words from Dad say, “No need to beware.

You are with us child and that’s all that matters.”

Ghost and goblin, vampire and bat;

Nightmares and terrors, so what’s up with that?

A firm and calm voice so steady and true,

“Daddy, I thank you for just being you.”


When you feel discouraged, your friend says, “Just do it.”

You doubt and withdraw. Some will say I just blew it.

Friend urges, cajoles — knowing what it’s about.

They bring it on when you are all doubt.

You think and ponder and they must be right.

With message so true & your interest in view,
they know you better than even you do.


Not all spoken words are so good and so true.

Rants from a mad man who hated the Jew—

His ravings drew many, though stormy— untrue.

Detestable tirades yet many he thrilled,

For them did it matter, he wanted them killed?

That’s why we fight; standup when it’s right,

Strength against strength with all of our might!


Spoken words guide us and show us our path.

For good or for bad, we hear them each day.

How do we speak them and what do we say?

Spoken words matter, let’s show all the way.

A way that is just and faithful and true,

One that works right, for me, and for you

To show others honor a life to renew.


Rich Weatherly, February 29, 2012

Silent Words—a poem

Sometimes I sit and listen,
silent words touching my soul;
a wisp, a whisper, words floating by,
silent words making me whole.

An inner calm washes warmth
through my inner being.
I listen and hear
as silent words bring peace,

Knowing you are there,
I yearn for more…
and hear answers in the wind,
in a song birds singing,
cattle lowing or even a baby cooing.

I see your smile
in the glint of another’s eye,
a rush, a sigh…
I reach out and you’re not there.

But is that true?
Maybe I’m just not listening,
to your silent words,
Silent Words that make me whole.

© 2012 Rich Weatherly

February 21, 2012



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