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November 16th Denton Poets’ Assembly Meeting Announcement

by Rich Weatherly

Re-blog from the Denton Poets’ Assembly website.

DPA logo ProcessBlueDenton Poets’ Assembly members and friends, please join us for our next meeting on Saturday,  November 16th.



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Merging Visions – Parings of Poems and Artwork

Merging Visions Exhibit in Denton, Texas


Every April, the Denton Poets’ Assembly joins up with VAST (the Visual Arts Society of Texas) in a collaborative exhibit called “Merging Visions,” in celebration of National Poetry Month. The fifth annual Merging Visions Exhibit will begin on April 1, 2012, and last through May 18th. Pairings will be displayed at all three branches of the Denton Public Library: Emily Fowler, North Branch, and South Branch.

All poems and artwork are originals created by members of the two groups. Some of the poems are created with the artwork as inspiration, and some are inspirations for the artwork. The pairings are mounted on the walls of the libraries for display, available to view during the libraries’ regular open hours.

This year’s exhibit will take place from now until until May 18 at North Branch Library. Everyone is welcome.

There will also be a full-color book of the exhibit, entitled Collections II. Availability and prices are still to be determined.

 For more information, please visit www.DentonPoetsAssembly.weebly.com.
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