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Book Review — Sins of the Son

Sins of the Son

By Linda Poitevin

Dark Urban Fantasy

A detective with a secret.Available March 27, 2012
An exiled angel turned assassin.
And a world with little chance of redemption…

Available March 27, 2012

This gripping sequel to Sins of the Angels will keep you spellbound. As you read the book description below, you will recognize the characters if you read Sins of the Angels. In Sins of the Son the stakes are raised and the fate of humankind is in jeopardy.

 Book Description for Sins of the Son       

                                                   A detective with a secret…

When homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis sees a photo of Seth Benjamin on a police bulletin, she knows that Heaven’s plan to halt Armageddon has gone terribly wrong. As the only mortal aware of Seth’s true nature, only she can save him.

                                               An exiled angel turned assassin…

Aramael was a hunter of Fallen Angels until a traitor forced him into earthly exile. Now, with no powers and only a faint memory of Alex, his mortal soulmate, he will stop at nothing to redeem himself—even if it means destroying Seth in the name of the Creator.

                                         A world with little chance of redemption…

As Alex’s need to protect Seth sets her on a fiery course with the determined Aramael, the coming conflict between them may push the world over the edge—and into the very chaos they’re trying to prevent.


the review…

At the heart of the story is an agreement between The One and Lucifer. Seth – The Appointed will transition to earth. Based on his decision, humankind will be saved if he makes a choice in line with the powers of Heaven. But, if he sides with Lucifer, Armageddon will be triggered and mortals will be wiped out.

There is a problem with Seth’s transition. He has entered the mortal realm as an adult with his powers intact. The problem is, he has no memory of who he is, or what he is to do. Alexandra Jarvis worked with Seth about a month earlier and she has the key to his understanding.

Alexandra finds Seth in a mental institution. Psychiatrist Elizabeth Riley refers to Seth as John Doe. Dr. Riley is totally skeptical of anything and everything supernatural. Meanwhile, the plot thickens as near irrefutable evidence builds suggesting that Lucifer and his fallen ones are spawning a new race of Nephilim.

The story will keep you guessing on how it will end. You will travel from Toronto to Vancouver. Character development is a highpoint. You will get a good grasp of who the players are and what their intent is. Tension will build to a stunning climax as opposing forces take turns trying to outwit the opponent. Ever present figures remain Seth Benjamin, Alexandra Jarvis and Aramael, Alexandra’s soulmate.

If you are prone to predicting the outcome of the novel you are reading, good luck with this one.

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