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Book Review – The four letters of love

The four letters of love

by Nadina Boun

Valentine’s Day Special

What a pleasure it was to receive an advance copy of Nadina Boun’s latest book, The four letters of love. It is a book I’m pleased to recommend.  In it you will be given a  sweeping panoramic vision of love from its lofty emotional heights to more introspective examinations of love in all its forms. It can be seen as a metaphor for a dream, an analogy, description or comparison. Have you ever been disillusioned? If so, this book might help restore your faith in love as an inspirational source for good. Has your mind tried to comprehend all the aspects of love? If so, expect to find new ways to look at the subject.

I’m confident the author’s work will move you and touch your soul. It will challenge, enlighten and inspire you. It is a fitting tribute to a poet who has taken the subject seriously.

I highly recommend this book to readers for multiple reasons. Love is as complex as it is dynamic. It affects every aspect of our being. The four letters of love is a collection of works which includes poems, quotes and stories all focused on this magic word, Love.

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