Book Review— Black Loon Lake

Black Loon Lake,
a novella

by SL Coelho

Black Loon Lake, novella cover

“Black Loon Lake” hooked me on the first page and I didn’t lay it down until I read the last word on the final page. I can see Ms. Coelho featuring this theme in subsequent writings.”

Book Description

Black Loon Lake, an isolated, rugged retreat for those who desire great fishing and privacy. Tranquil, timeless and treacherous.Those who venture there, are dying to see it!

This story, set in the backcountry of British Columbia’s wilderness sets
the stage for a tension building, suspenseful read. Three tree planters who
take advantage of a short break between planting seasons have rest and
rejuvenation on the agenda. What actually happens, no one could have predicted.
Engrossing, chilling and creepy, this vivid, fast paced story is written to

 My Review-

SL Coelho’s debut fiction promises to be a resounding success. All the elements readers of horror stories and thrillers expect are brilliantly executed within the pages of this compelling story.

Ms.-Coelho features a likeable protagonist, a girlfriend and co-worker. They work together as tree planters and share a tent in the wilderness area of Cariboo-Chilcotin region of Central British Columbia. Throw in the escape of a convicted sex offender, a host of dangerous creatures and you can imagine the tenuous situation our characters find themselves in. This story is anything but predictable.

I’m confident readers of Stephen King and Dean Koontz will feel right at home as they savor this chilling thriller. Character development is excellent. Each character seems to be realistic without being overplayed.

Ms. Coelho’s use of lyrical prose to describe the beautiful landscape, paints a vivid impression of the spectacular scenery of the region. Still, that beautiful landscape provides the backdrop for what makes this story more than just a little bit creepy. Action scenes play out in near cinematic fashion and her fight scenes come alive with their realism.

The novella of approximately 13,500 words flows from one scene to the next in smooth linear fashion. It seems to be a much shorter read than it actually is because the story is so engaging.

“Black Loon Lake” hooked me on the first page and I didn’t lay it down until I read the last word on the final page. I can see Ms. Coelho featuring this theme in subsequent writings.

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SL Coelho’s Author Site with links to book sellers.

SL Coelho’s Independent Author’s Page

by SL Coelho

Black Loon Lake, novella cover


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9 responses to “Book Review— Black Loon Lake

  1. Thank you Rich, your kindness and generosity is most appreciated. I’m happy you enjoyed the story! ☼

  2. heatherdugan

    Intriguing write-up. Congrats to Sandy!

  3. Nicole L. Bates

    This is a wonderfully written review Rich. I am excited that I recently connected with Sandy Coelho, now I am even more interested in reading her work! Well done both of you!

  4. Thank you Nicole! What a wonderful comment ☼

  5. even though i am deeply into fiction novels
    the last time i read one was years ago
    i will certainly change that! thank u 🙂

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